Thread Vein Treatment

Thread veins, also referred to as spider veins, are tiny damaged veins or broken capillaries just below the skin surface. They can appear anywhere on the body but are most common on the face and legs. Unfortunately as we get older we are more prone to seeing thread veins due to our veins becoming weaker and bursting. Thread vein treatment can address these issues.

What Are The Benefits of Thread Vein Treatment?

Thread vein treatment can have an immediate impact. Clients live with the burden of thread veins not knowing that there is a simple solution available. No more need to use make up to cover them up or wear particular garments to hide them. Our treatment is fast and virtually pain free.

thread vein treatment essex southend on sea body aesthetics


Thread Vein Removal

No. of Sessions:

1 - 3 Sessions

Procedure time:

30 mins

Recovery time:


Pain scale:


Price range:

From £75


Clearer Skin | Fast Results | Non invasive | No Downtime

thread vein treatment essex southend on sea body aesthetics

Who Is This For?

Thread vein removal is available for both men and woman at our clinic.Usually after your thirties is when most thread veins will start to appear. The reason being our blood vessels become more elastic and start to weaken resulting in the veins or capillaries to dilate.Thanks to the latest in advanced aesthetics this no longer needs to be ignored as we have a solution to help.

What’s Involved in Thread Vein Treatment?

A consultation will be required along with a patch test to make sure you are eligible. Once this has been successful the treat is quite simple and involves the IPL being placed over the effected vein. The IPL starts heating and damaging the walls of the blood vessel this causes them to collapse and are then reabsorbed in to the body over time. IPL is very effective on leg veins close to the surface of the skin.

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